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Heating, Cooling & Exhaust

Your car’s climate control/heating system is driven by a heater core that works in conjunction with the engine’s cooling system. The system cools the engine by sending the heated antifreeze to the radiator, which allows outside air to blow across the radiator and cool the antifreeze. The antifreeze is then sent back to the engine. Hot antifreeze circulates throughout the cooling system via the radiator and heater hoses. When the car’s climate control heater is turned on, a diverter door opens to the heater core in the dashboard, and the A/C fan or blower directs air through the heater core, through the ducts, and into the interior of your car.

However, corrosion can build up in the system due to lack of cooling system flushes. In addition to serving as a temperature control substance, antifreeze also is a lubricant and rust inhibitor. If not flushed and replaced periodically, corrosion can develop. If antifreeze is dirty, it is a usually a sign of a coolant leak in the cooling system that has allowed air to enter the system. It could also be a leaky radiator/hose, water pump, or heater core. But, no matter the problem, it must be remedied quickly to not only keep your car’s cabin comfortable, but also to prevent other underlying issues from turning into bigger problems. Count on Penn Jersey Auto for your heating/heater core service.


Your exhaust system is not only designed to decrease noise through a complex muffler system), but it also reduces harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere. But mufflers can fail in various ways. Many times, we’ll see customers bring in their vehicle because they’ve noticed excess noise being emitted, which could indicate cracks in your gaskets, pipes, or muffler. A muffler works directs sound waves through a network of tubes to cancel out sound and keep your car running quietly. Other issues can be caused by rust, corrosion, or broken hanger mounts that result in parts of the exhaust system sagging or breaking off.

If you’re noticing issues with your muffler/exhaust system, let us diagnose the problem and fix it properly to keep your family, and others on the road, safe, as well as protect the environment. We offer a wide variety of exhaust services and can cater cost-effective solutions to higher-end systems.