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Throughout the years, Penn Jersey has provided the utmost care to our customers.  Here's what some of our customers have had to say.


To: Rick of Penn Jersey and his staff

I have used your repair service for many years, and I felt the need to say thanks for the great service aand help along the way with even the small problems, you guys always took the time to help me whenever I needed you. Thanks to the whope crew.
Jim Stevenson

Just a note to say 'Thank You.' In this hustle, bustle world of business, it is difficult to find a person like you. It is not everyone who takes time to 'be nice.'
Have a lunch on Tom and I.
Tom & Eileen Caroll

Thanks for taking care of us. You are too good to the Sullivan's (and Valentine's, too). We appreciate it.
Take Care,
Shannon & Jim

Dear Ricky,
Thank you for always giving an honest, fair and reasonable AND affordable service. I really appreciate knowing and trust my auto repair guys!! You are the best!!
Jeanne Marchiando
Customer for 35 Years!!!

Hi Guys
Just wanted to express my appreciation by treating you all to lunch, for the years of great service....you have provided to me and my little "Red Kia." We are so grateful we have always been able to count on you guys. Happy New Year "2014"

Thank you for all that you do. There's a very special place for you in heaven! Rob's tires are great & we know how much work you put into those rims. This is a small "thank you", until we hit the lottery big.
Rob & Kathy
P.S. So very glad you son made out okay. he was in our prayers.

Just a small token of my appreciation for the countless times you have came to my rescue. You have truly been a blessing to me and my car. Thank you.
Take care and God bless.

Hi Ricky,
Yes! Thank you for your care of my truck & the choice of tires. I "gunned" it right away. My mom is pleased too, of course.
Peggy & Sierra & Mom

Thank you so very much for everything you did for TIm and Me. You are a good man and I am sure it will come back a hundred gold. Thanks again for making our holiday a pleasant one (Not to mention our Jan, Feb, March...). The car seems to be running great!
Terry Armstrong

Thank you for taking care of our friends, our family, and us. Not only are you the best mechanic around, you are also a friend. Thanks for everything you do.
Donna & Daniel

Thanks for the great, HONEST service, where would we be without you? ON FOOT!
Merry Christmas!
The Marchiondo's

Thank you for the good service. We depend on you for all our auto needs.
'04 Honda, '11 Tundra, '06 Buick.
The Booth Family

Dear Ricky,
I always mean to thank you for always taking great care of us and I don't. Well, thank you, you take good care of Bill, Trish, my nervous Rabbi, Ann & Me. It is deeply appreciated.
Enjoy -